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Grow-your-flowers starter box

Grow-your-flowers starter box

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Your box contains a groovy pot, seasonal seeds, peat-free soil, instructions, & art prints.

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What's inside your box?


MAY SEEDS - SWEET ALYSSUM, CORNFLOWER AND NIGELLA . *Our seeds change every month making gardening easier.


Jargon free & easy to understand instructions. We have worked hard so you don't have to. Our instructions also double as beautiful art prints that match your 3 flowers.

Art Prints

Luckily for you we have an artist in the house & your instructions are double-sided, on the none-instruction side you will find a beautiful art print to match your flower.


Peat-free soil made from coconut husk that was once destine for the dump. Just add water and your good to go.


Moveable, collapsable, and in three groovy colours. Fed up of how boring and uninspiring most pots are we wanted to make a pot that stood out from the crowd.


Dedicated WhatsApp and email support 7 days a week. We are here to answer any growing questions you may have!