Why we’re ditching supermarket flowers, and growing our own at home

Why we’re ditching supermarket flowers, and growing our own at home

Supermarket flowers are great to look at for about 3 days. Then they wither and start to make your house look like a graveyard for once-fresh flowers, and no one wants that.

This summer, we’re on a mission to boycott the purchase of supermarket flowers and motivate you to grow your own at home.

Now, before you start to think:

‘how am I gonna grow flowers at home? I don't have a garden babe, I live on the 13th floor of an apartment block in the city xx’

We feel you! The company was born for this exact reason. To make gardening as easy and accessible as possible to urban dwellers (such as ourselves), and bring colour and life into our dull and muted urban spaces.

Our wild window boxes are small and portable, perfect for a small balcony, concrete ‘yarden’, or window sill.

Enough about us, time to show you why supermarket flowers are out & and grow-your-own are in.

Supermarket flowers. Where do I even begin? Instead of crying and screaming at the sight of them, let’s hold a silent prayer for them. Often mass-produced and poorly looked after, these little guys are not happy.

But this is not new information - they’re practically the plant version of battery chickens. It’s noted that supermarket flowers, which are mainly imported from abroad have 10 times the carbon footprint of UK homegrown bouquets.

That Tesco bouquet you just bought your partner for V-day has a higher carbon footprint than you do after your latest jaunt to Spain. Scary, right?

Still not convinced? Store-bought flowers are coated in pesticides, harmful to the area they’re grown in, and that ‘fresh’ bouquet you just got given. What's more, they use unsustainable, plastic packaging, and take up so much land coverage & water in the country they’re mass-produced in.

Okay, rant over. The moral of the story is if you want to show your nearest & dearest how much you love them, ditch the supermarket bouquets, and grow your own at home.

A more meaningful gesture that will grow and thrive, instead of shrivel up like a raisin after 3 days on your kitchen table xx

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