“You’re not a plant killer, you’re just growing the wrong thing”

“You’re not a plant killer, you’re just growing the wrong thing”

I think I speak for a large percentage of people when I say I've killed a house plant. I hold my hands up, admit it, without shame. I’ll let you in on a little secret - It is normal, and not just you.

Shockingly, the lovely houseplant you’ve just nabbed off the IKEA shelves whilst moving into your new digs is native to the Amazon Rainforest, not Glasgow x

Instead of reeling off a list of things you’re doing wrong (like over/under-watering, which is an extremely unhelpful tip in my humble opinion), let's talk about what you can grow at home, without fear of a slow and ominous death.

First off, let us remember that the plants often purchased in garden centers and plant shops are usually native to tropical temperatures, where they grow in the wild and bloom. If you want to ensure your next attempt to grow something at home survives, start with seasonal plants.

This is where we come in - We grow & sell seasonal flowers, specifically chosen to ensure that they’re gonna live a healthy and happy life with you.

For example, in April we have been growing cosmos, zinnias & oriental poppies. These three beautiful flowers can survive the UK temperatures and weather conditions (given we don’t have any hurricanes heading our way anytime soon) and will do nicely outside.

Each month we’ll be offering new seeds, to keep your garden full of colour and life in the months to come.

If I haven’t already convinced you, take it from our new team member & intern, Charlie. We gave him a wild window box to grow this month's seeds in before he headed away for the week.

Once back, he was greeted by little green sprouts poking through the soil of his planter, dancing in the breeze, ready to saturate his washed-out yard-en with color & character. Pretty special right?

Lastly, as we move into the warmer summer months here in the UK, I leave you with one tip. If the weather is heading towards heat-wave status or no rain is forecast for a while, remember to give your flowers a quick water to keep them happy.

However, don’t fret about over-watering or killing them this way. Our planters have drainage holes on the bottom, meaning any excess water the soil & seeds don't drink up will drain away, leaving your flowers smiling in the sun.

Happy planting folks. Let’s keep gardening & growing worry-free and enjoyable. That is how it’s meant to be.

With love, Everywhere Garden x

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