Why we’re on a mission to get everyone, everywhere growing for nature?

Why we’re on a mission to get everyone, everywhere growing for nature?

Last year, we turned our concreted yard at the rear of our rented flat into a busy little garden full of flowers, veg, and nature. We used shipping pallets found in back lanes to create a zero waste container garden that focused on attracting nature back into our yard.

Before we embarked on our gardening journey our yard was completely defunct of life. No bees, no butterflies, no birds, not even a pigeon. Sadly this is a common occurrence in the UK with 10 million brits living in ‘nature deprived areas. In fact, the UK is the most nature deprived country in the G7 and in the bottom 10% of nature depleted countries in the world.

This didn’t sit right with us so we wanted to create a space that put nature first, a garden that prioritised nature...


Although rewarding the process was long, difficult, and expensive, and as we came to the end of our tenancy agreement were left with the massive job clearing away all of our hard work. This got us thinking, there must be any easier way for renters to garden?

From here, Everywhere Garden and its mission bring nature back into the uk was born. We created a flower-growing kit aimed at novice gardeners and people with little to no space. We wanted a product that could go almost anywhere and was movable. We believe that everyone, everywhere should be able to access to health and environmental benefits of gardening.

Join us on our mission because one box at a time we are creating micro habitats across the UK. Growing some flowers is the most powerful thing you can do for biodiversity in your area- so why not give growing a go!

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